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Seasonal Chances

Posted by Vivian Gonzalez

Seasonal chances for rain will be on order this Wednesday. We made it to the middle of the week and fewer storms in the afternoon are expected. A weak area of high pressure is in place in the Western Atlantic Ocean with a better beach breeze. Therefore, with the developing sea breeze collisions, the majority of the storms should be focused inland each afternoon and linger through early evening. This will be the trend through the rest of the week.

By the weekend, right now seasonal chances are expected, but that could change depending on the timing of the jet stream and the progress of a disturbance currently located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea.

Tropics: Watching two areas

There is a tropical wave in the Eastern Bay of Campeche. This one has a low chance of 20% to develop in the next 5 days as it slowly moves West at 10mph.

The one that we need to watch closely is located in the Northeastern Caribbean Sea. It is a broad area of low pressure (disturbance). Conditions appear favorable for development as it moves West-Northwest to Northwest at 10mph. Right now the National Hurricane Center is giving it a medium chance to develop of 30% in 48 hours and 50% chance in 3-5 days once it passes Hispaniola and gets close to the Bahamas.

Most of the models are split with this one. A handful of models take this disturbance through Hispaniola and Eastern Cuba and another batch of models have it curving North and remain in the Western Atlantic Ocean. For now, locally heavy rains expected to spread through Puerto Rico and Hispaniola in the next 48 hours.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and make it a safe one!

Vivian Gonzalez


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Posted 09/04/13, 7:20am
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South Florida Chill

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Series of Fronts Knocking Down Temps

Scattered showers are in the forecast for your mid-week forecast as a cold front moves through South Florida on Wednesday. Expect mostly cloudy skies and near normal daytime highs in the mid 70s. The norm is 74°.

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Major Changes

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A drastic weather change is on the way.  As the week continues, south Florida will experience something rare:  a steady surge of brisk air spilling down from the north!   The "main batch" of winter-type air will follow a strong cold front crossing late Wednesday.  How cold will it get?   Nighttime lows will settle back into the 40s (for at least a couple nights) while daytime highs struggle to reach even 60-degrees.   Keep in mind, temperatures this season have been exceptionally warm.  Further, when we've had a little encounter with cooler conditions, they just haven't lasted very long! 

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Cold Stays

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The cold weather is coming and it will be here to stay for a few days! You head that right... At least we will be able to give those AC's a break through the weekend and possibly the upcoming week. A series of fronts are set to move in to keep us feeling the chill South Florida style!

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Just last week, south Florida had a dose of "rare air" with a brief chilly change.   For a short time, we received our coldest temperatures since last March!   Now, we're tracking another strong cold front that ALSO has a high chance of dropping temperatures about 20-degrees (or more)!   The coldest time frame will be from late Wednesday night through Friday afternoon.  In fact, wake-up readings on Friday morning will range from the lower 40s inland, to the middle and upper 40s between the metro areas and beach locations! 

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