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Karlene Chavis

What's Brewing for Labor Day?

Posted by Karlene Chavis

Stormy Start to September

A mostly dry start to our Labor Day is expected to shift into a stormy mix for the rest of Monday. Expect to see increasing clouds and a chance of storms with the possibility of heavy rainfall to round out the last unofficial day of summer. We will hold onto chances of sea breeze storms over South Florida in the afternoon and early evening hours for the next couple of days.

Eyes on the Tropics

There are two disturbances being monitored. The first is a broad area of low pressure extending from the Eastern Caribbean Sea to the Lesser Antilles and Tropical Atlantic Ocean. This cluster of clouds and rain will go from having a low to medium chance of development over the next 5 days. Second, a tropical wave in the northwestern Caribbean Sea is expected to move across the Yucatan Peninsula and into the Bay of Campache through Thursday. This system has a low chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the next 5 days.  

Posted 09/02/13, 11:26am
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Karlene Chavis

South Florida Chill

Posted by Karlene Chavis

Series of Fronts Knocking Down Temps

Scattered showers are in the forecast for your mid-week forecast as a cold front moves through South Florida on Wednesday. Expect mostly cloudy skies and near normal daytime highs in the mid 70s. The norm is 74°.

Posted 01/15/14, 8:53am
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Brent Cameron

Major Changes

Posted by Brent Cameron

A drastic weather change is on the way.  As the week continues, south Florida will experience something rare:  a steady surge of brisk air spilling down from the north!   The "main batch" of winter-type air will follow a strong cold front crossing late Wednesday.  How cold will it get?   Nighttime lows will settle back into the 40s (for at least a couple nights) while daytime highs struggle to reach even 60-degrees.   Keep in mind, temperatures this season have been exceptionally warm.  Further, when we've had a little encounter with cooler conditions, they just haven't lasted very long! 

Posted 01/14/14, 4:49pm
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Vivian Gonzalez

Cold Stays

Posted by Vivian Gonzalez

The cold weather is coming and it will be here to stay for a few days! You head that right... At least we will be able to give those AC's a break through the weekend and possibly the upcoming week. A series of fronts are set to move in to keep us feeling the chill South Florida style!

Posted 01/14/14, 9:16am
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Brent Cameron


Posted by Brent Cameron

Just last week, south Florida had a dose of "rare air" with a brief chilly change.   For a short time, we received our coldest temperatures since last March!   Now, we're tracking another strong cold front that ALSO has a high chance of dropping temperatures about 20-degrees (or more)!   The coldest time frame will be from late Wednesday night through Friday afternoon.  In fact, wake-up readings on Friday morning will range from the lower 40s inland, to the middle and upper 40s between the metro areas and beach locations! 

Posted 01/13/14, 6:42pm
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