General Sales Manager

Cyndi Feinstein
Ph: 305-795-2788
Fax: 305-795-2718

Local Sales Manager

Debbie Castellano
Ph: 305-795-2768

National Sales Manager

Lauren Levitus
Ph: 305-795-2791

Account Executives

Ranite Aluma: 305-795-2690
Alex Cambo: 305-795-2644
Sue Hotujec: 305-795-2789
Jourdan Kaufman: 305-795-2740
Dianna Lazaro: 305-795-2669
Judy Matalon: 305-795-2792
Kandice Sowder: 305-795-2793

Reaching South Florida

South Florida's News Station

WSVN-TV Channel 7, is owned by Sunbeam Television and is nationally represented by HRP. Anytime you navigate through cyberspace, please stop by and see what kind of air (i.e. commercial time) we have for sale.


Group Manager

Ray Karczewski
Ph: 212-756-3600

Sales Manager

Mike Mescolotto
Ph: 212-756-3600

Northeast Area Manager

Catherine Shaffer
Ph: 617-247-4004

Southeast Area Manager

Mark Marino
Ph: 404-965-4500

Midwest Area Manager

Greg Giltis
Ph: 312-222-5500