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Huizenga hosting party for GOP donors

Posted: 10/13/05 at 9:51 am EDT

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- Governor Jeb Bush and a couple hundred of Florida's wealthiest Republicans will party next Thursday at the 18-thousand-square-foot mansion of billionaire H. Wayne Huizenga in Fort Lauderdale. The invited guests are being encouraged to donate 100-thousand dollars or more to keep the Grand Old Party humming along.

Bush says he's serving as the main attraction at next week's fund-raiser to keep Republicans focused on their 2006 election battles against Democrats.

Bush, who cannot seek a third consecutive term, and many other leading Republicans have kept their preferences private on who they want to see succeed the governor. Attorney General Charlie Crist and Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher are competing for the nomination.

The Republican Party, however, expects to spend about 10 (m) million dollars by the time Election Day rolls around and the money raised at the Huizenga spread will go into party coffers.

A quarterly financial report filed this week shows some 400 Republicans, companies and lobbyists gave roughly 2-point-7 (m) million dollars to the state party since July first and seven (m) million dollars since January.

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