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Boat capsizes during Fort Lauderdale boat race

Posted: 01/11/07 at 11:05 am EST

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) -- Four boaters were tossed out of an annual boat race just minutes after it started when their vessel capsized.

According to officials, the 33-foot Catamaran sail boat flipped over just minutes after the 2007 Fort Lauderdale to Key West Boat Race began, sending its four passengers into the water. The race began at noon Wednesday.

The boaters, who are friends from all over the country, say they may have been at fault for the boat capsizing. "We were probably sailing the boat a little more aggressively than we should have been," said Kim Alfreds.

Towboat U.S. responded promptly and rescued the boaters just south of Port Everglades. They were taken to the 15th Street boat ramp without injury.

Alfreds and his friends were reunited with the $20,000 racing sailboat, named "Cheeky Monkey," hours after it flipped in the open water.

Thankfully, the group has kept up their sense of humor and remained positive throughout the entire ordeal. "There's always next year," said Ron White, co-owner of the boat.

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