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Free Fitness

Free Fitness

It's a New Year and most people make the resolution to get fit. But if joining a gym isn't for you, 7s Christine Cruz shows us how a trip to your public park can provide fun and free...

Posted on 01/17/14
  • Out of Options

    Out of Options

    In the past, if you weren't a candidate for laser eye surgery, you were stuck with glasses or contacts. Tonight, 7's Diana Diaz shows us a new alternative for people who are "Out of Options."

    Posted on 01/10/14
  • Have a Heart

    Have a Heart

    What if your child seemed perfectly healthy one day and the next you were told they needed a new heart. It happened to a South Florida family who is calling their journey a miracle. 7's Alexis Rivera shows us how we can all Have a Heart.

    Posted on 01/03/14
  • Diabetes Danger

    Diabetes Danger

    When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, it can be worrisome. Some parents spend most of the night checking on their child to make sure their blood sugar levels don't go up and down. 7's Alexis Rivera reports, new technology is helping avoid this "diabetes danger."

    Posted on 12/30/13
  • Stephanie

    Stephanie's Story

    When you think of arthritis you probably think of someone who is older, but thousands of young people are suffering with the painful disease. Now one young woman is speaking about her 17 year struggle in hopes of helping others. 7's Lynn Martinez has Stephanie's story.

    Posted on 12/23/13
  • Story of Survival

    Story of Survival

    When women hear their breast cancer has spread many believe there's little hope, but now these patients are living longer, healthier and happier lives. 7's Diana Diaz is here with one woman's Story of Survival.

    Posted on 12/06/13
  • Fat Fighter

    Fat Fighter

    It's got the name of a luxurious fast car and it's the latest machine to help Vanquish flab. Just in time for the holidays, 7's Lynn Martinez shows us this new fat fighter.

    Posted on 11/22/13
  • Botched Beauty

    Botched Beauty

    Many people go in for cosmetic surgery hoping to look better. But in the wrong hands, you can end up with horrifying and often disfiguring results. 7's Diana Diaz shows us how a South Florida doctor is helping correct "Botched Beauty."

    Posted on 11/15/13
  • Deadly Diagnosis

    Deadly Diagnosis

    It's always been thought of as a smoker's disease, but more and more people who have never smoked are being diagnosed with lung cancer. 7s Alexis Rivera shows us how one local woman is overcoming this once deadly diagnosis.

    Posted on 11/08/13
  • Daria

    Daria's Journey

    A little girl from Russia boarded a plane for the first time to travel to a Miami hospital in the hopes of saving her life. She suffers from a rare form of cancer, and only had months to live. 7's Lynn Martinez brings us "Daria's Journey."

    Posted on 11/01/13
  • Makeup Mistakes

    Makeup Mistakes

    Most women wouldn't walk out the front door without their makeup but what if the products you were using to look your best were making you look worse? 7's Lynn Martinez shows us how a new patch is helping women avoid those makeup mistakes.

    Posted on 10/21/13
  • Freeze The Pain

    Freeze The Pain

    It's a problem for young women: non-cancerous lumps in the breasts that can cause a lot of pain. But instead of surgically removing them, 7's Diana Diaz shows us how a new procedure is helping "freeze the pain" away.

    Posted on 10/11/13
  • Brow Boost

    Brow Boost

    Thick or thin, our eyebrows play a big role in how we look, and for those who've over-plucked or just lost hair due to aging, there's a new procedure to help restore your eyebrows to a fuller, youthful state. 7's Alexis Rivera show us this "Brow Boost."

    Posted on 09/27/13
  • Hip Help

    Hip Help

    WSVN -- It's a condition that can sideline your young athlete and cause more health problems down the road. However a new center is getting these kids back in the game. 7's Christine Cruz shows us how this hip solution works.

    Posted on 09/24/13
  • Special Salon

    Special Salon

    Cancer treatment is not only draining but affects your self-image. For kids and teens it can be extremely difficult. 7's Alexis Rivera shows us how a special salon is helping transform how they feel about themselves.

    Posted on 09/09/13
  • Cleaning for Cancer

    Cleaning for Cancer

    Most days patients battling cancer feel sick, weak and often find it hard to get out of bed. But now a program is offering women battling cancer free help in their household. 7's Alexis Rivera shows us how they're Cleaning for Cancer.

    Posted on 08/30/13
  • Flab to Fab

    Flab to Fab

    Do you have some tough spots on your body you'd like to tighten up? 7's Lynn Martinez shows us a new machine that's helping people go from "flab to fab."

    Posted on 08/19/13
  • Cancer Camp

    Cancer Camp

    Kids battling cancer are told what they can't do because of their weakened immune systems. A special camp not only allows them to be kids, but experience something they will never forget. 7's Lynn Martinez shows us.

    Posted on 08/09/13
  • Saving Skin

    Saving Skin

    A huge breakthrough in the way doctors are treating skin cancer. Instead of leaving patients scarred, they can now get rid of the cancer without any cutting. 7's Diana Diaz shows us this new treatment that's Saving Skin.

    Posted on 08/02/13
  • Life-Saving Shot

    Life-Saving Shot

    It can happen in a matter of seconds, a child's life in danger because of a severe allergic reaction. Now our schools will be prepared. 7's Christine Cruz shows us why they will now be armed with this life-saving shot!

    Posted on 07/26/13

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