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Style File: Cookin' Workouts

Posted: 10/11/07

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South Floridians are creating some of the latest fitness crazes that are sweeping the nation. If aerobics in the kitchen isn't for you, how about making a splash in the water? In today's Style File, Seven's Belkys Nerey shows us two wild workouts.

WSVN -- Emeril is known for his famous bam and Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals. Now one South Florida woman is making a name for herself by cooking with a kick, literally.

Nancy Lemieux: "I love to eat, and I love to work out, so this was a real simple way to bring that together in a time management format."

Nancy Lemieux just released her book, Cookercise. Each recipe inside is timed perfectly to a specific exercise. So, while your food is cooking, you're working up a sweat in the kitchen.

Nancy Lemieux: "The recipes have a really fun name and they represent the type of dish you're going to be cooking, so if you're doing a seafood dish, you have Sea Legs, because it's a leg work out with seafood."

Elizabeth Caparros: "My favorite recipe is limbs and lunges. Frankly, I've lost about 15 pounds."

If you don't have weights, grab a water bottle, cans or pots and pans and once the food is done, so are you. If you feel like a fish out of water in the kitchen, dive into the Aquavee Pilates Plus workout at the Biltmore hotel's pool.

Karina Vera: "It's better than a workout at the gym."

The workout system, which uses arm and leg bands in the water, fuses together swimming, resistance and the pilates method.

Eliot Rodriguez: "When you're doing pilates you are using your core and you are using water as the extra resistance."

If you don't want to take a class. The company also offers a swim in place product that you just plug into the side of your pool for an olympic-size workout.

Karina Vera: "It makes your pool like an olympic pool. You can swim endlessly in one spot, and it feels great."

It's definitely not your granny's water aerobics.

Belkys Nerey: "The Aquavee classes are expected to start in the next few weeks at the Biltmore pool and Cookercise is available right now online."



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