Friday, May 20, 2005

7 News Features: Tush Push

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Lets face it, when you live somewhere like South Florida, there's pressure to have a perfect body. But what can you do when you're not born with the ideal figure? In tonight's special assignment report, we may have the answer for every woman who ever wanted a better backside. Here's seven's Lynn Martinez with the "tush push."

WSVN -- It all started with Jennifer Lopez, but for many women, there's nothing more beautiful than a bubble butt.

But if you can't find the right clothes and working out isn't working, a new product promises to improve your bottom line.

The eyes, the thighs, the bust, the butt -- lets face it ladies, we'll do anything to have a better body.

But if you panic every time you try on a pair of pants, you're not alone. If you ask most women, if there's one area they would change...

Amy: "It would probably be my butt."

Evelyn: "Definitely, my butt."

Best friends Amy and Evelyn do everything together. They even share the same doubts about their derriere.

Amy: "If i had something that could look better in jeans, it would be good."

Evelyn: "It would boost up my self esteem and self confidence."

But forget cosmetic surgery and custom-made diets. For both girls, boosting their confidence requires boosting their booty.

Inside these boxes are a pair of panties called "Bubbles" -- you can think of them as butt boosting lingerie.

Karen Jones: "bubbles feels very sexy."

Native Floridian Karen Jones came up with the idea after becoming frustrated with her ass-et.

Karen: "It's okay but it gets lost in a pair of jeans."

There are three different kinds of bubbles: The bands -- the thigh shapers -- and the capris.

Karen Jones: "Basically what bubbles does, is it takes what you've got between your butt cheeks and your thigh, and it pushes it all up into the area where it's supposed to be."

In search of a booty-ful body, Amy and Evelyn agreed to give the tush push a try. Amy grabbed the thigh shapers -- Evelyn - the bands.

Amy: "It feels like spandex exercise shorts, but if it works I would wear them."

Evelyn: "It feels really uncomfortable but seeing the results in the mirror, it does look like it works."

But would their friends notice? We put two of Evelyn's and Amy's friends in a room one group at a time.

The only thing we told them is something about the girls has changed.

First up, Amy.

Friend Cynthie DeGuzman: "She looks basically the same from head to toe, she fills out her jeans a little bit better, it looks like something has been added there."

Ian Vaquero: "The top of her jeans looks like they bubble out a little better."

Roy Ramos: "To be honest with you, I really don't see a difference."

Two out of three - not bad at all.

As for Evelyn.

Josh: "A little more curve on the sides it's more cut right under the buttox."

Greg Trujillo: "I do notice that there is something she is obviously wearing on her backside, it is lifted more."

Friend: "She does seem to be a little more confident when she walked out and confidence is very sexy in a woman."

And who wouldn't be confident. Check out the before and after pictures of first Amy and then Evelyn.

Both girls filling out their jeans with their fanny. They feel so good, they even participated in every woman's favorite pastime - shopping.

Amy: "These jeans make my butt look so good but with these lifting things, it looks even perkier."

Eveyln: "I am ready to go out. I am shopping for a new outfit, i am going to hit up the clubs this weekend and party with my new butt."

Depending on what style you choose, they range in price from $15.00 - $25.00




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