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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear from God. To have him tell you things to be careful of, to have him perform miracles. Well one south florida woman says God is talking to her and will talk to you if you do one simple thing. Here is Patrick Fraser with the story in hearing from God.

WSVN -- Jane Swanko says she has been given a gift.

Jane Swanko: "Absolutely a gift. The best gift besides my husband and my kids. The best gift I have ever been given."

The gift...She says she speaks to God and incredibly he speaks to her...

Jane: "There is no mistaking his voice -- you will absolutely know that it is god speaking to you."

And what she says he tells her and shows amazing.

Jane: "I have seen miracle after miracle after miracle."

Miracles -- like Chase. He was born with a hole in his heart.

Because of it he couldnt play like the other kids. His father, who is a physician says the problems often caused his son to pass out.

Chase's father Dr. Don Howard: "And we didnt know if they would resolve themselves as they usually do in a kid that age or if they would persist into adulthood and possibly shorten his life expectancy."

By the time chase was 10, the hole was still there. Thats when Jane saw him for the first time at a friend's wedding.

Jane: "And as he walked down the aisle I saw the spirit for the first time in my life...the hands of god massaging the childs heart."

Later that day Chase got violently ill...

Dr. Don Howard: "He was vomiting pretty excessivily and uncontrollably."

Jane says chase was not sick...

Jane: "Whenever you feel the fire moving thru a body like that especially when there is vomiting involved, its usually god cleansing you."

Three days later, Chase went in for extensive tests. The hole in his heart had disappeared.

To Chase, who can now run and play like all the other teenagers, it is clear what happened.

Chase: "A miracle from God also -- a miracle thru God."

Dr. Howard is still amazed by Jane's vision that day.

Patrick: "Do you think his heart was healed that day?"

Dr. Howard: "Uh there is no way to know exactly when. You can believe it was. I can believe it was."

To jane the thought of that vision still overwhelms her..

Jane: "Humbling. I told you not to make me cry. Powerful. I dont know why he chooses me, but I am honored and its gift."

Not all of Jane's dreams are pleasant -- some are very sad...

Jane: "Actually God gave me a dream that my father was going to die and he died shortly thereafter."

The dreams are rare, but Jane says she talks to god every day and he talks back.

Jane: "He gives me specific messages to give to people."

Like the message for Jonathan Mariner. He second in command of Major League Baseball. Jane saw him at a party.

Jane: "Everywhere Jonathan walked that night I saw a beam on light on him and I knew god wanted me to talk to him."

Jonathan Mariner: "And she simply said to me I want to say something to you and I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but God ask me to speak to you and when you hear this at a party you say where is this going."

Jane told Jonathan something very positve involving finances was about to happen in his life. Later that year it did.

Jonathan: "I ended up getting a promotion here in this job and got a huge raise and got a huge bonus."

Jane has now written a book about her experiences entitled -- Just Ask.

It is filled with stories of people God has told her to talk to -- filled with miracles.

But perhaps the most amazing thing, Jane says she is not different than you or me --that God will talk to anyone. All they have to do as her title says is just ask.

Jane: "God will reveal himself to you the more you ask him to, but you have to ask him. There should be no fear here it should be simple. People need to understand that you can just go before god anywhere at any time and talk with him."

But of course there will be skeptics who will say Jane Swanko may be hearing voices, but they are not voices from God.

Jane: "There is nothing to challenge here, its very real it happens all the time and people just dont understand it."

Many people who have met jane say they now understand.

People like Chase.

Chase: "I think she is an amazing person, very faithful."

People like Jonathan.

Jonathan: "I just hope she continues doing all the great work she is doing, inspiring people to reach their potential to live their lives in a very positive way."

She says everyone can have the same gift -- its simple.

Jane: god is saying i will answer you if you just ask me."

Just ask...Just as Jane did.



Just Ask is available at Books and Books in Coral Gables


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